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Privacy First.  We will not sell or share your information with anyone.  Other than being lawfully required to by a legal arm of the government, your information stays strictly with us.  We do send out notices of special sales or new products, but only up to three times per year, and you will always be offered the option of opting out or reducing the number to twice or once per year.  
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1.    Your   contact   information    including   address,   phone,   email.      If   delivery address is different from your business address, note that as well. 2.    Product   description   and   model   number    for   each   item   you   intend   to purchase. 3.   Quantity  of each product. 4.   Payment   option:   check,   credit   card,   bank   wire,   or   if   government   you   may request to purchase by using a PO. We    will    then    generate    a    sales    order    and    email    or    fax    to    you    for signature/date.      No   order   will   ship   until   we   have   the   signed   order   copy.     (A signed quote form can act as a sales order, too).   NOTE:   It   is   usually   best   to   call   your   order   in.      We   can   get   a   better   idea   of   what you    are    needing    to    accomplish    and    can    offer    valuable,    money    saving suggestions.      Things   like   optimizing   the   quantities   to   create   full   pallet   loads   that trim   shipping   costs.      Or   suggesting   the   correct   cart(s)   for   your   items.      It   is cheaper   to   ship   the   carts   along   with   your   product   order   than   to   order   it   later   as a   separate   shipment.      And   our   cart   prices   are   just   as   competitive   as   our   seating prices.  Additionally, you’ll notice we give special deals when a cart is included!  
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